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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feature Stones of the Week with Bonus

Make a pendant, bracelet and earrings with this combo! Buy both and save $2.00 Go to the Web Site for complete descriptions.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Green Beryl, it's Mintie

I purchased a fairly large lot of this Greenish Beryl in slab form. Although it isn't as "translucent:" as the fine Beryl costing hundreds of dollars it will make a fabulous piece of jewelry and rare too. You won't see
this any other place as far as I know; I've looked.
Priced at only $12.95

Aquamarine is characterized by a pure sky-blue, bluish-green, orgreenish-blue colour, very similar to the tint of sea-water; hence its name,
and the old saying that this stone when placed in the sea becomes invisible.
Aquamarine of a deep shade of colour is very rare; it is found, in small amount
and of a fine deep, sapphire-blue, at Royalston in Massachusetts, U.S.A. A
distinction is sometimes made between sky-blue beryl and beryl of a
greenish-blue or bluish-green colour, the former being considered as aquamarine
proper and the latter referred to as Siberian aquamarine. All pale bluish and
greenish beryls are, as a rule, however, included in the term aquamarine.

(Photos are taken with bright light. DifferentMonitors can alter the colors)