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Sunday, October 4, 2009

You might want to check this out - Amazing Color!

The BeadforLife Store
From their Store Website:
"You are most welcome to browse through our jewelry store! All of our BeadforLife jewelry is made from recycled paper beads which are rolled from long strips of colorful magazine pages, calendars, pamphlets, and cereal boxes. The beads are glued and lightly varnished with an eco-friendly and odorless acrylic based sealant. The jewelry is assembled using colorful glass seed beads, elastic for the bracelets and sliver plated clasps for the necklaces. You will notice that all of our items are branded with a silver plated BeadforLife tag."

"Because our jewelry is hand made from recycled paper, each bead is completely unique. Variations in the size and color of our jewelry items reflect the uniqueness of the woman who made them."

To shop go to:

1 comment:

Ginna said...

I liked the design so much. It is looking quite unique and I am sure every one will like it. The beads are very beautifully placed.
Good working of the design.