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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do you love making jewelry?

How about beads? Have you considered marrying the two?
Well that's exactly what the website does! provides its visitors with step by step jewelry making instructions for beading jewelry.

Wanda Epps, a self-proclaimed bead addict, is the publisher of the website. In search of a new hobby, she discovered jewelry making when she went to a book store.

There she found a book on bead jewelry making. She bought it, took it home and read it. Then she bought a few jewelry making tools and supplies. Wanda strung a beaded necklace using a beading technique from the book. But, she was not that impressed with her necklace. Imagine that.

Well, not one to quit so soon, she continued buy jewelry making books and magazines and tried her hand at making some of those projects.

The more she made jewelry and bought beads the more she got hooked. Soon, she started selling her jewelry, but her full time job got in the way. But,she wanted to continue to make jewelry. Teaching others is one of her skills so she headed to the internet to teach others how to make jewelry.

Hence, with the help of her web hosting company, SBI, she began to publish So, if you want to learn how to make beaded jewelry, head on over to

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