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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Gaby!

Early in 2009 Gaby quit her job with an international company and started creating more jewelry pieces and establishing Christe Jewelry (officially launched on January 15, 2010).

In December 2009 Gaby took her jewelry to the next level when she found wire jewelry. Wire was a to Gaby a new and interesting technique in jewelry making; an even more personalized and sophisticated way to create jewelry. After trying it, Gaby knew that this was the direction to go.

Gaby has a fabulous tutorial for sale and with her permission I have posted a link to her Etsy Shop which she just opened.

I get a lot of inquiries about how to wire wrap and since there are numerous free tutorials on the traditional way to wire wrap a bezel I thought everyone would appreciate this technique.

One reason I like Gaby’s bezel is that you can see the beautiful stones. Sometimes there is so much wire it takes away from the beauty of the stone and you all know I’m all about the rock.

Gaby has other tutorials as well, like these fabulous earrings! The wire work is impeccable.

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Christe Jewelry said...

Wow Millie, many thanks on this wonderful article of yours about me and my work! It means a lot to me. Again, thanks for your kindness and this generous opportunity! God bless you, family and success always for!

Keep smiling, keep shining, keep creating!