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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chatoyant Pietersite

Sid Pieters discovered Pietersite in Namibia in 1962. He registered the find in Britain and published his discovery in 1964, and the stone was named in his honor. Though many believed that Pietersite could be found only in Namibia, in 1993 a similar stone was discovered in China's Hunan province.

Pietersite is "brecciated," an Italian word that means a combination of minerals and rock held together by a fine-grained sediment; in Pietersite that "sediment" is quartz.

Any white spots seen in Pietersite is Quartz, you could say that quartz is the host. Blue is the favorite of all the colors seen in Pietersite and comes from Namibia, Africa. Browns, golds and reds are also found and as I understand come from China.


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