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Sunday, July 22, 2012

How it all started

Somebody asked me how I got started and why my site has been successful. Well it all started with a collection of cabochons and pendant beads. Too many rocks! So I started a web site and Rena of Jewelry Business Success New mentioned the site.

This is what Rena wrote:

Neat Jewelry-Related Website

We can all relate to the need to "de-stash" our jewelry-making supplies from time to time!
This week's neat site, Millie's Got Rocks, was set up by jewelry artist Millie to unload some of her overstock of cabochons, focal components, and beads.
Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of each page of Millie's site to click to the next picture-index page.
To me this is a "neat site" for three reasons:
First, for its photography. Millie has a lot of beautiful stones that are well-photographed, and the items that are still available have huge, lovely closeup shots when you click on them - which is so important in selling jewelry and components online.
Second, the still-available items have brief but very detailed descriptions - you know exactly what they are and how big they are.
And third, her site is visually clean and uncluttered. You can focus on exactly what you came to see - Millie's overstock of rocks!

Since the site started I've been buying stones from various places, mostly from retired lapidary fold, I started making cabochons from the "rough" that I had stashed. 

I have a many repeat customers and have had a great time getting to know many of them.

Since Rena's message in her newsletter I have had to make some changes with the picture index. It just got too complicated but I show a picture of what you get, no random picks for the most part because the stones are one of a kind, and very individualized. 

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Anonymous said...

You have fabulous rocks Millie, love the pictures too.