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Thursday, September 6, 2012 It's NEW!

The $ 4.00 & Down Gallery has been sold out so many times and this site is getting just to big so I'm expanding, although I am just getting started, you will need to check back often. 
There will be a $1.00, $ 2.00 , and $3.00 Gallery - that's it. 
First come First Served so check it often. Inventory can change hourly because these pieces are one only.There will be No Returns and What you See is What you Get. 

Same shopping cart so you can buy in both sites with one payment. 
Combined orders from the two sites will give you the free shipping offer of 20.00 or more is free, period, under 20.00 is 2.50 flat fee 

When the site is fully the last stones will be moved to the new site if there are any left. 
Thank you all for your kind words!! Wow!

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